Department S

The story of Department S begins in the origins of the post punk and mod scenes, which, although miles apart style- and music-wise, shared a common belief in the rejection of the darkness and apathy that punk had fallen into. Time to move on, time to get sharp.

In the late 70s A group of friends, who were regular gig goers, decided (over a few beers too many!) to form a band of their own. The name for the band was to be Guns For Hire. All they needed now was some musical instruments and the ability to start playing them.

After a change in personnel and a name change Department S arrived and released cracking tunes such as “Is Vic There?” and “Going Left-Right” to name but a few, a stint with Stiff records and the rest is history but one thing that can’t be denied is that they are back and as good as ever

Summer 2013 saw Department S play Glastonbury on the Sunday and a string of successful shows and we are pleased to be able to welcome them to Undercover Festival 2014.