We are pleased to be able to welcome Spizz and the band to Undercover to close Stage II on the Friday!! AND boy are you in for a treat..
Spizzenergi formed in the late 1970s, led by Spizz. The band changed its name every year, subsequent names including Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzoil and The Spizzles. They are notable as the first band to top the newly created UK Indie Chart early in 1980.However, they were perhaps best known for their single “Where’s Captain Kirk?” More than two decades after its release, it was included in Mojo magazine’s list of the best punk rock singles of all time.

2014 marks the 35th anniversary since those heady days where Spizz formed the band, yes there have been numerous changes to the band but what has not changed is the show you will witness at Undercover one that is relentless, pure theatre and great fun.

One of the best showmen on the scene today