The Dualers

The Dualers are Britain’s much loved Ska and Reggae band from the South of England who have steadily built up a following of many thousands of truly dedicated fans across all ages and have sold out at the Indigo O2 a record breaking 4 times within 18 months.

In October 2004 The Dualers launched themselves, unannounced, into the UK Singles Chart, landing at an impressive number 21 with self-penned song, Kiss on the Lips. As an unknown act, they became the first street performers ever to achieve a chart position, selling more records that week than some internationally well-known artists. With no backing or publicity, the key to this success was The Dualers’ ever-growing, increasingly dedicated fan-base.
Growing up in South London with parents Bill and Jackie Cranstoun, Tyber’s musical taste was heavily influenced by the music played at home. Playing at several locations in and around London in the sixties with his Savoy Sound System, Bill helped to introduce ska music to the capital.

The third chart single in 2006 “Don’t Go” was followed by release of their debut album ‘The Melting Pot’ and helped establish The Dualers as one of the most respected names on the UK Ska and Reggae scene. Q Magazine said “The Dualers soulful harmonising has admirable echoes of Bob Marley and Sam Cooke” and The Independent wrote “These local superstars are inching towards fame”. The second album ‘The Cooking Pot’ also sold out its first pressing within a month.