XSLF – (X Stiff Little Fingers) Reuniting Henry Cluney with Jim Reilly after 30 or more years. They played on all the classic Stiff Little Fingers albums, the ones people really want to hear. This is the Belfast band — presenting an evening of all the favourites plus a few surprises. Henry says, “I was in numerous versions of the band, but all were a pale shadow of the real thing.” This is as close to the real thing since 1981! And on bass is Petesy Burns…another Burns! He is known for his work with the Outcasts and appeared in the movie Good Vibrations as Pugwash.

Fingers fans the cards are split evenly, Henry and Jim have XSLF so this band is as much SLF as the SLF, And those that have seen XSLF recently have witnessed and enjoyed XSLF knocking out a set of material from the first 2 albums and just touching on Go for it. many tracks SLF abandoned long ago.

Don’t miss XSLF — the nearest thing to Stiff Little Fingers around!