Punk stalwarts from Bucks formed way back in 1976, back after a long absence.

Formed in 1976. Nigel Martin vocals, Tim brick drums, Carlton on bass, mark Reilly ( later Matt bianco) guitar. playing the emerging punk scene at venues like the Vortex and the Roxy, fulham greyhound. Members came and went (usually to jail), over those wild days, Steve McCormack, drums (and Street art), and even Rat Scabies playing drums if you saw the Xtraverts and met the ‘crew’ it’s not something you would forget. classic songs like Blank Generation, Police State, Speed, I Hate You. 1984. this group is here for all the old crew to find eachother, share memories and photos etc, to build the biog up. we are planning to get some material released , that has never been heard, and once again play live. Punk never dies


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