Dirty Revolution

DIRTY REVOLUTION are a vibrant blend of punk rock, ska and reggae. The Cardiff based 4 piece have been honing their own unique sound-clash tirelessly for the last few years.

“Excellent stuff…original Ska that’s got something to say and not just a lot of fat, boozed up geezers, past their sell buy date, going through the motions!!! You all deserve a lot of luck and success… best wishes Pauline” Pauline Black – The Selecter

“Dirty Revolution have produced an album which shines brightly amongst the current UK Ska/Reggae/Punk scene. Reb’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with and when backed up by a fierce rhythm section, skanking guitar waves and a crystal clear production, it’s a combination which is electrifying.”
Big Cheese Magazine. 5/5

“A diverse collection of songs, dipping their toes into dub, reggae, ska and punk rock…the UK has a small collection of bands leading its punk and skascene in the right direction, Dirty Revolution are at the helm.”
Distorted Magazine 4/5

Watch this space for the announcement of the replacement joint headline band for the Saturday very soon