What the people say.

We think Undercover is a cracking festival but we would say that would we not?
But what about the people that have actually been to Undercover?

What the people said about Undercover 9 (2021)
Isabel Klante (all the way from Hamburg) – Well, I bought a ticket for Undercover 10 – do I need to say any more?
Abbi J – I have been meaning to go to an Undercover Festival for years and I finally went this year, now I regret not going before as I had the most wonderful time ever, I will be back and would not miss this for the world.
Jack CourtezNever met a friendlier bunch of people. Turned up on Friday knowing pretty much just my other half and Mick, left feeling like I’d known at least a dozen people there for years.  Bands all played a blinder too. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in it, apologies to everyone I chat a load of sh**e to.
Jasmin HothamStill beaming about the weekend; this is what I love about Undercover.. I get to discover new bands!!
Monika Sundström Stewart Had an amazing time… hope to do it again soon in a similar fashion It’s a great venue. Well done for pulling it off!
Neil Lancaster My first visit and it was excellent. Looking forward to coming back again soon !
Anthony Beaton My first time at Undercover. Really enjoyed it. Good turnout and well organised. Thanks so much.
Sam McCarthyWhat a brilliant weekend Undercover Festival always is!
Mark BlenkironAbsolute pleasure on my part Mick. For sure the best indoor punk festival around.
Andrew GibsonExcellent 3days/nights of music and socialising. I’ve been before, and I’ll certainly be back again soon. Thanks for putting up with us!
Pete Trousers What a fantastic weekend! Huge Thanks so much Mick and everyone involved in putting on such an amazing festival! See you at the next one!
Paul MartinBig thanks for a cracking weekend and all the effort you and everyone else put into this party festival.
Jim RogersonLoved every minute. Great job from all concerned. Thank you so much
Richard StewartWell now I’m rested up I wanted to thank Mick Moriarty and all the other people who made Undercover festival 9 great! New friends, old friends, the crew and of course the bands! Hopefully I’ll see you all again soon
Pamela Eckershall – It was a brilliant weekend
Suze Furz It was a total blast – so many fabulous people. Mr Strummer’s word were very true! Can’t wait til we do it all again next year. Much love xxx
Danny CornellIt was great.. really good atmosphere about too
Neil HarrisonI’m knackered, covered in mosh pit bruises, skint and no voice from gigging twice… bloody loved it! X Such lovely friends everyone of you. X
Mike Pashler what a cracking weekend! Awesome venue, awesome bands, awesome people. Perfect.
Paul LawrenceUndercover was absolutely banging. Great bands, great venue, great people, great laugh….just..well…GREAT. looking forward to my next gig there Dec 10 hopefully
Kay ThompsonAbsolutely brilliant festival and venue. Absolutely awesome amazing weekend. Huge thank you to Mick and everyone else involved, you all did a cracking job. The bands were totally amazing, look forward to the next one.
Al Stone..had a grrrrrrrrreat time!! Thanks to everyone involved!!!!!
Jon LambThanks for a great weekend everybody did a great job.
Peter Jones – best time ever
Mark Taylor YOU made it happen. #Legend
Paul Flynn Such a great weekend and a great venue. Was an absolute blast.
Loric Brilliant venue,great organisation and the best people
Gerry Lyons Thank you. Had a fabulous time.
Andy Rae Cracking weekend well done to all involved
Matthew Howlett Please pass on my thanks to the Holroyds excellent security and bar staff. Smiles and banter go a long way. Never felt safer or well looked after to be honest. 
Sean Quinn Always the best people, atmosphere and bands. Sad to have missed Saturday but so glad to have been part of Friday and Sunday. Cheers to all and well done!
Tash I’m still singing and dancing in my sleep x the best memories x

George Walker Brilliant weekend – thanks to all involved who made it happen! Look forward to doing it all again.
Stephen Potter Was Amazing, went so quick , loved every minute of it, seeing everyone, going to take a long time to get over 4 nights and 3 days of Awesomeness. Shattered!!
Heidi Hyde – Had a fekkin brill time even though only there for the Sunday and even though Mick was exposing his nipples. Awesome people. Xxx
Darren RobertshawThank you Undercover its been a blast roll on April for Undercover TEN!! tickets will fly again. Cheers for asking us to help out, I’ve learnt a lot with the making of a great festival.
Des ConnollyAbsolutely loved it
Rosie Mellows What a brilliant weekend that was. Certainly blew those covid cobwebs away It really is such a great venue… For everything!
Rob B (Penetration) – we had a great night.. all went smoothly for us and we really enjoyed out first show in two years! Well done!
Random Hand Thanks for having us, everyone. It was a perfect return to gigs!
Andy LastWhat a great time indeed. Quite a nail biter until we up there. Couple of blips but with a crowd like that you know it’s all good for all involved! Bloody Marvellous!
Tony MajorHi Mick & team, thanks for putting the Doks on – another great event and a real pleasure to meet up with you all again. All the best T
Roddy Byers – we had a great time!
Clive Ward – just happy be a part of it , for us to play with so many great bands is an honour!
Stephen Wilson Fantastic music great people. Loved it
Steve Willoughby Absolutely awesome
Andy Miller Undercover Festival at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford -so glad managed to get there , great to also see again numerous people from the Punk rock family what a sterling job continues to do in putting together these events! x
Steve Whitehouse As festivals go Undercover festival has to be the most friendly gathering of the dysfunctional punk rock family. Four fantastic days of great music , great friends and a party atmosphere throughout. this year situated at the Suburbs music venue at the Holroyd in Guildford. I’ve never missed an Undercover festival. It’s always something special and sold out this year. Bloody brilliant but I ache in places I didn’t know I owned .
Tony Smith had time to reflect, and the conclusion is that it was up there, if not the best to date, the smaller, more intimate venue really suited the vibe of the festival, everywhere you looked, smiling faces, fantastically run by the team, despite having to deal with last minute covid cancellations. Brilliant festival, brilliant atmosphere, even the weather held off so the garden got a good use. Roll on the next one
Andy Gibson After something of a dilemma, I finally committed to go to a real gig, my first since March of 2020. I admit I was a bit apprehensive about the journey and the whole proximity to other people thing, but boy, am I glad I overcame those concerns. (Plus travelling with someone from the same neck of the woods helps ease things somewhat). Getting food in a pub beforehand also settled any jitters…… As soon as I entered The Holroyd/Suburbs venue it was as if I’d found sanctuary. Big smiles, hugs (yep, really), great vibes, bands both old and new…….and of course beer! Every act I saw I liked and a couple blew me away. The appetite for more of the same had been cultivated…….. Yes please!

What the people said about Undercover VII and 71/2 (April and Sept 2019).

Matt Howlett Thankyou …. My 5th Undercover with my mate and the best.. yet in my opinion. Wonderful weekend and back to work and normality tomorrow although….”Oh yeah what’s fucking normal then?” Having a great time at Undercover and immersing myself in punk culture for a weekend… that’s fucking normal…. well done Mick. And to all the other punters out there.. thankyou for being the friendliest bunch of ragamuffins I have had the pleasure to meet and know!

Lu Jones – Cheers Mick, that was brilliant, loved it!

Gerry Lyons Fantastic weekend Mick. Thank you for all your hard work. Had a great time.

Tony Smith – Great weekend; as I’ve said before, Undercover has a feelgood community spirit which has been built up over the last 7 and a half years, all newbies are accepted, and the community slowly grows, we need a faster growth for 8 to succeed, also those absentees, and potential newbies need to be together for 8 to make it the send off Mick deserves. Brilliant weekend, yes, everyone had the biggest grins all weekend, yes, still the friendliest family atmosphere of any festival… makes this the must go to event of each year.

Melanie Easter Without doubt, THE BEST festival of the year by a goddamn mile! Well done you beautiful Undercover barstards! <

Gavin Alldis An absolute belter last night, back for more later on

Mark Taylor Top night. All bands on top form. Great venue

Mark Blenkiron I love Undercover Festival, it’s the best. If don’t attend you’re a bell end! That’s poetry folks. Thanks Mick, great weekend. .

Natasha Mia May … a brilliant weekend

Dave Ralf Was a cracking event and all the bands were fantastic . Can’t wait for March !

Mark Taylor Really appreciate all you’ve done… Seen some amazing bands over the last few years and met some wonderful people too. Such a great festival. Shame to see it finish but all good things must come to an end and it’s no good if you’re working hard and out of pocket afterwards. The Fiery Bird is a cracking venue to hold it too and I preferred the single stage set up as it gave you chance to get some air and have a chin wag in between bands without missing any of the music. Are there any other volunteers out there who could keep it going so you get a chance to relax and enjoy it for once? If so you deserve a Free ticket for life…

Tracy Morgan Was a cracking night Mick

Paul Martin Knock out

Pete Gillman Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Dave Nash Brilliant and excellent weekend as always, many thanks to all involved

Don Diego Loved it. Well done Mick and thank you x

Sean Quinn Indeed it was a great weekend. So glad to be part of it. I am knackered, feeling like I could sleep until the next one. Well done everyone

Steve Talbot Great weekend with great bands and a brilliant atmosphere

Paul Kingston One family. One scene. Now let us know about the 4 days next year so we can book the hotel

Scott Russell Was a great festival , a big thank you from SV and the Eruptions .

Mike Pashler Was an absolute pleasure to be part of this. Venue, staff, crew, bands and punters were all brilliant. Felt like home.

Gail Thibert It was a fab weekend. Sad we couldn’t stay on Sunday but we had a gig elsewhere to play. I loved chatting to people and strengthened existing friendships with people I’ve met through gigs. Xx

Dagenham Dave Wenborn Great Weekend Mick! Sorry for the Bay City Rollers, If the notice says dont push the button.. i’ll push it . Had a great weekend xxx

Keith Woodhouse What a great weekend, as Mick said, it’s not just the bands that make it such a fantastic event, it’s everyone that’s there. As soon as you announce next year’s band’s Mick I’ll start practising, it’s not my fault that Stone Heroes look like the Stone Roses out of the corner of my eye. I’m looking forward to Burning Spear at Woking in August.

Simon Loric Harwood The dedication and hard work is unbelievable,best crew ever,best crowd ever,so many friends in one place.

Andy Luckett Well done mate…it had a proper good atmosphere
Great to hear itsl back there in 2020.thatl be me n Lynn Marie s 8th Undercover

Jon Lamb Brilliant weekend Mick

Robbie Wilson Brilliant Mick, really enjoyed everything. See you next year I’m converted

David Bignell Great bands, lovely people, ideal venue with a friendly atmosphere. Well done.

Tony Major It was great mate – really good size venue, with a great vibe, staff and sound (and reasonable beer prices!) Knowing all of the tireless work and dedication that you and team have put into the events over the past years, it was great to see the place really busy on Saturday. Well done and take it easy now!

Dermot Fuller Charred Hearts thoroughly enjoyed themselves, great vibe all round. Ta muchly for having us along.

Des Connolly It was an absolute blast looking forward to the next

Mark Spooner ….props due to you and your crew, what a great festival… The stage and sound crew were the dogs danglies, sorted us out with zero fuss and nothing was too much trouble for them… Thanks again for having us on the bill…

Rosie Gulliver All of the Petty Phase lot had an amazing time thanks for having us we will be back! xx

Stephen Myhill Absolutely cracking event. Massive congrats

Trev Bossom Mick it was fantastic thanks to you, Jen and the boys for looking after us. Like you think it was the best since Bisley all bands were on top form, sound was brilliant and the engineers great to work with had a real laugh and think the whole thing felt really relaxed and everyone was enjoying themselves which always makes for a good festival. Have a well earned rest sorry had to leave a touch early as really wanted to see the last few but would have struggled this morning. Had a blast and here’s to the next one.

Rosie Mellows It was great to spend a bit of time in your company lovely lady xx

Pete Trousers Absolutely loved it Mick! I spent most of Friday & Saturday with goosebumps and a feeling of regret I couldn’t be there Sunday too. Here’s to the next one!

Jake Johnson A fab time and always a great atmosphere! It really is the friendliest festival. Our fourth (and fourth venue) – so glad to hear it will be staying put for next year!

Paul Stewart was a brilliant weekend. Afraid I partied way to hard on Fri and Sat and just couldn’t make Sunday, sorry, although you got my money! Thought the staff at the venues were great.
Congrats to you and the crew!

Billy Hunt Mate you should be real proud of yourself and your team……it was a brilliant weekend all round’ ….Well done again mate…..here’s to next year

Neil Harrison The atmosphere for me was exactly what this wonderful festival is. Can’t wait till next year.

Dave Edwards Was our first time at Undercover. Such an amazing weekend!! All the bands were great!! Found some new faves! …. top notch!! Congratulations Undercover team, we will definitely see you next time

Wendy Heap Sorry I missed quite a few of the bands due to family illness but glad I managed to see Robin Guy playing, just hope he’s not pushing himself too hard while he’s recovering. Well done for a very successful Undercover Mick, looking forward to next year

Mark Sesin Had a really great time, thank you

What the people said about Undercover VI (2018)

Jordan Mooney – Congratulations Mick on a splendid event. You’ve worked so hard over the year I think you need to put your feet up!

Finn Panton – great event… , loved watching you warm the crowd up before sham… great seeing so many friends and making new ones ,the crew as always were brilliant .

Shirley Kehoe – First time at Undercover and we loved it. Only went for the Friday but wished we could have stayed for the weekend. Fantastic bands and atmosphere, very well organised and everyone was really friendly including security. Merch also great value – we came back with loads! Will definitely come for the weekend next time.

Gerald Underwood – So Undercover Festival is over for another year. As festivals go this one has a special place in my heart and it always will.
The people that I am lucky enough to work and party with are absolutely the best friends that I could have. We laughed, we danced and we hugged.
Up the punks.

Melanie Easter– I’m generally too tired and achy after a weekend of gigs to post about them, but this weekend has to be an exception. Undercover Festival this year was the best yet…no doubt about it. A few friends couldn’t make it this year and were really missed, but most made it thankfully. I don’t know why it is, but Undercover has always had a super friendly vibe and this year was exceptional. Thank you Undercover family for the hugs, kisses, laughter, dancing, great music and genuine friendship…the tall stories at breakfast, the bizarre hand holding, a little bit of goth, my new Irish friend who bounced around like Tigger, a modified tshirt that put a smile on someones face, R.E.D, Witchdoktors, old friends, new friends, sharing, caring, smuggling and mischief making…

Tony Smith Massive thanks to everyone involved in this on every level, fantastic weekend, still buzzin

Sam McCarthy thank you so much, brilliant weekend!

Rikki Payne – Just a fantastic event Mick.. Brilliant…. !!!!!that’s all I can say

Chris Scoffield – Fantastic weekend as always. So many highlights.

Pete Gillman – A superb event. I hope it goes ahead again next year as that will continue to build up its reputation…

Matt Howlett – On way home today with my buddy Jason Staker, after a cracking weekend…It was great to get right down the front for Sham 69… If it’s on again we will be back.

Dennis Barkham …. another great Undercover so many highlights!!!!

Lewe Buchanan – Class nite sham 69 were epic

Ronnie Cochrane – Was one of the best weekends ever

Russ Black – Thoroughly enjoyed thanks – blown away – nice one everyone

Andy Lamb – Well done….. – another cracker, we were chuffed to be involved again.

Andy Luckett – Brilliant weekend as always well done…

Caroline Squire – A massive thank you to you and all involved in putting together an amazing festival. Great memories of an incredible weekend

Steven Wheeler – Another enjoyable undercover Mick, a big thank you from me . Your hard work has paid off again , have a well deserved rest mate .

Andreas Geno Kyriacou – Another blinding weekend – cheers for it …

Simon Catmur – Really enjoyed Saturday & really enjoyed you warming up the crowd for Sham; happy memories.
If you need to give it a rest next year, then give it a rest. You’ve earned the break & we all know it will come back even stronger.
Test Tubes, Chelsea, Sham, Kirk AND Menace on the same night? Well played that man!

Louize King – Fantastic weekend Mick Moriarty. So glad to be a part of it x

Vlad Octavian – Great weekend Thanks !!

Mick Nurse – You did us proud as always – long live undercover

Lynda Copson – As usual Mick you know how to put on a great event – and the sun even came out 😉 thank you xxx

Bobby Chilli – Amazing enjoy it ….

Dave Winter– What a fab weekend! Cheers

Alex Ross – Another superb Undercover done!
A big thanks to Mick Moriarty and the security and medical team for helping my brother who decided to break his leg moshing to The Sex Pistols Experience – A great weekend!

Tim Richards – thanks for a cracking weekend…Everything was perfect, from the bands, Dreamland (your) security, right through to the organisation. More importantly, it was down to you (my little one appreciated the ear plugs – thank you)…..Here’s hoping that you are able to put on a 2019 event.

Dave Nash – Was a great weekend, thanks again mate, see you soon

Dave Booker – Great weekend. Thanks for having us on Mick. I’ve slept most of today!!!!

Nigel Coombs – Cheers it was a great weekend from start to finish, had plenty of laughs!!

Lyndon Henstridge – A fantastic weekend Mick. Thanks to you, your team, the bands and (of course) the crowd for making it so memorable and enjoyable.

April Hazel Showers – Thank you Mick cracking event as ever well done to your and your team sleep well you deserve it xxx

Jim Rogerson – Thanks for everything Mick, top weekend!

Brian – Thanks for creating a little bit of Heaven … …

Gerry Lyons – Thank you Mick. Fantastic weekend

Janie Watkins Darley – We had such a great time  – Thank you so much for all your hard work organising such a great event

Daz Swollox – The Commited had a blast – cheers for having us…. Next time you want a piggy-back down the length of the main stage area though, jump on someone else!

Lissa Oliver – Thank you so much, Mick, but PLEASE don’t rule out another Undercover. It’s a belter xxx

Pete Gillman – It was superb, a unique vibe and all the better for it.

What a truly phenomenal gig and what an incredible weekend …. the boys who do Nuffin’ want to thank Mick Moriarty and all of the UNDERCOVER CREW for all of the hardwork that goes into executing one of the best weekends of the year. We really appreciated everyone who came and joined the NUFFIN’ party Saturday afternoon and especially those who took a little bit of Nuffin’ home with them. It was a privilege for us suburban punks to share such an incredible experience at this point is our 42 year journey, with bands and people we truly love!

Gwen Ever – What a weekend, I will do a more coherent post tomorrow and tag people in that but just wanted to say thank you so much Mick Moriarty for inviting me to co-host Undercover Festival with the brilliant Keith Woodhouse (or Kev 🙂 ) It was a privilige to introduce so many top bands, new and old and meet such amazing people, getting to join Menace onstage for GLC was so good but I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to Peter And The Test Tube Babies for allowing me to join them on stage for a unique and fun performance of Transvestite, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Sam Griffin Fuller please pass my thanks on to everyone else.
If you have any pictures or video of me could you please tag me in them or post them on the A Low Life in High Heels with Gwen Ever fb page and give it a like too!
normal service will be resumed tomorrow x

Trev Bossom – What a weekend well done Mick for organising such a friendly festival. Thought all the bands were on top form with some great new additions. Thanks to all those who helped Mick organise and particularly Jen and everyone in the back room who looked after me and Ange.
As always a real pleasure to bump into all the friendly people who make it a special weekend and was a pleasure to be part of it. Till the next time. Trev.

Martin Taylor – Us Fanzines want to say a massive thank you to Mick, Jen and the whole Undercover crew, the fantastic line up of bands and above all the incredible Undercover punters who year in, year out make it make it such a joy to play at. This photo of the People’s Choir joining us onstage kinda sums it up for us. Big love to y’all from us Fannies xx

Fleagle – On behalf of all of us in the Stone Heroes – like to say thanks to all who came and saw us, many many thanks to Mick Moriarty for putting us on – thanks to all the Undercover team for a absolutely blinding job. And great to see so many band/friends who make this festival what it is – hope you all had safe journeys home and see you all soon somewhere

Gerry Lyons – What a fantastic line up again this year. Excellent stuff from the headliners Sham 69 and The Blockheads. Great sets from Menace, RED, Chelsea, Nuffin, and The Witchdoktors. Plus lots of new bands giving it everything. Brilliant atmosphere all weekend.

Paul Stewart – What a great time we had in Margate! This is our 4th Undercover and brought along some friends for the first time, who can’t wait for next year (Mick??). We were there from start to finish both days and can’t think of anything that could be improved, except, more of you out there need to come along! Nice to see some young bands and punters along with all the old favourites. The crew, bar staff, bouncers, punters all seemed to be having an equally good time. Thank you Mick Moriarty and all at Undercover.

Nik Skeat– First time there, hope to be back. Great line up, brilliant atmosphere and very organised.

Dave Leak – A fantastic well run event with top bands from a memorable era that is here to stay.

Gerry Lyons –  What a fantastic line up again this year. Excellent stuff …. Great sets …. Plus lots of new bands giving it everything. Brilliant atmosphere all weekend.

Brian – Best and friendliest alternative music festival …. a great line up and a fantastic weekend.

Alan Hussey – Brilliant and friendly that’s Undercover Festival.
The HAZARD lads had a blast. They had serious hangovers in the van on the way home on Sunday.
We would play again for Mick and the team anytime anywhere.

Tony Smith  – Absolutely love this festival, love the fact you can get up close without discomfort to some of the biggest bands on the scene, Sham 69, the Damned, Selecter to name just 3, people say it’s always the same bands, well no, I’ve discovered many bands for the first time at Undercover, long may it continue.

Steve Whitehouse – The worst thing about undercover festival is … coming home.

It was & always is a great friendly festival with my always lovely , slightly dysfunctional punk rock family .

A few new faces this time , sadly a few absentees , but what a blast we had. Well done Mick Moriarty & the long suffering Jennifer Moriarty not forgetting the rest of the Undercover team.

The atmosphere was fantastic , the bands, well what can you say … bloody brilliant , fantastic couple of days , the beach in the morning , down the pub with a load of mates at lunchtime , then onto the festival .

Adrian Burrows – My third undercover and have loved every one of them long may it continue.

Gerry L –  What a fantastic line up again this year. Excellent stuff from the headliners Sham 69 and The Blockheads. Great sets from Menace, RED, Chelsea, Nuffin, and The Witchdoktors. Plus lots of new bands giving it everything. Brilliant atmosphere all weekend.

Tony Major – Great, well organised festival with the friendliest crowd on the circuit. Check it out!

Nigel Mudge-Stephens – After a couple of days recovery from another great Undercover Festival (my poor aching feet ), it’s time to reflect with a few words. A massive thanks to Mick and his crew for putting together the Punk Rock Family Festival there were so many of us there either in bands, working or supporting, you know who you are. Always good to meet up …

What The People Said about Undercover Festival V 2017

(More comments from those that were actually there)

Alex Ross – Absofekkinlutely,  all round it was a great festival. Friendly atmosphere great music…great memories!

Mark B – Back safe in Norwich after an amazing 2 days in Margate at …Undercover festival All you part time punks need to up your game, get off your arses and attend. When weekends like this exist no more you will be saying why? Looking forward to next year already. Great to hang with some of the planets – Live music is important, please support it.

Carol Osborne – The visuals were amazing, sitting up close and personal (thanks Mick) I was fascinated with them, especially the ‘live’ cubes. Have to say I was fascinated by the lighting guy on main stage too.

Bon Besom – …the lighting was excellent….t what a wonderful time I had at undercover as I have every year and thank you

Brian Damage – incredible combination of images complimented the stage lights – loved it!

Duncan Reid – It was great all round…. Congrats to you and all the crew for doing such a cracking job

Andy Hawkins – cracking. Saw some bands I don’t normally get to see… A great experience!

Mark Geraghty – Thoroughly enjoyable & very well organised.
More of the same please geez.

Peter Hartley a fucking brilliant weekend …,loved it

Paul Stewart – it was a great weekend, I cannot even start to think how much hard work for you and the team it must be, very much appreciated, thanks.

Av Taylor – Now I’ve had a decent nights sleep and am able to articulate properly I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the Undercover Festival Family for making Erin’s weekend a memorable one.

Much love xxx

Gwen Ever – I had such a brilliant time at Undercover Festival meeting wonderful people and getting to hear great music from so many great acts. Many thanks to Mick Moriarty for all his hard work in putting the event…. It was inspiring to meet so many lovely people attending both old friends and new ones. I had so much fun xx

Stella Hawker – I like to thank everyone for putting on a fantastic weekend, well done – love it x

Peter Hanscomb – What a really jolly and well organized festival! And if it could happen again next year in Margate Hurrah!

What The People Said about Undercover Festival IV 2016

(Comments from those that were actually there)

Steve Lodge – Really enjoyed Brighton. Saw some really great bands and everyone was so easy going. Met up with old mates from the original Punk days as well as made a couple of new friends…not bad for a middle aged man who may be a bit stuck in his ways – would def go to another one. One of the best weekends I’ve had in many a year – well done and Thank you.

Dave Renegade – A very good family friendly festival, lots of diverse acts and a warm friendly inclusive atmosphere. If you haven’t been to either the Undercover Festival or it’s ‘Winter Warmer’ do yourself a favour and get down there- a great place to meet and make new friends

Lara Meredith – First time at Undercover and I very much enjoyed the range of bands on offer. Some were new to me, others great to see again.
Bar staff speedy, security very helpful and unobtrusive.
Excellent veggie food too.

Becky Bell – I liked it, Was fun also not hassled by security like at bigger festivals didn’t even have to wait around to get searched go in , bonus

Saskia Gemmell – Very well organised and run, good line up of bands

Mike Pashler – Been to the last 3 of these and cannot emphasise enough how much of a cracking weekend it is. Always a diverse mix of punk, ska and alternative bands both old and new. Friendly crowd too. See you down the (sea) front!

Coppo – I know the person who put the event on as well as lots of the other performers and festival goers and can categorically state that Undercover Festival is probably one the most welcoming and inclusive alternative music festival that takes place in the UK

Chris Scofield – Really friendly people. Well run. Relaxed atmosphere. The best of the 4 festivals done this year.

A massive thanks to all for making my second Undercover a truly great weekend.  From where I was I experienced a truly friendly and inclusive weekend with some like minded individuals. Just know that those of us who are there for the long haul are with you and appreciate all the effort put in to making it happen.

Shaun Westbourne – Fantastic events run by fantastic people. Punk for the punks…..not some corporate bollox. Love it

April Showers – I love under cover great music great bands and great people

Andreas Geno Kyriacou – Just sharing my post to the undercover site as a thank you to all who where there and for the friendly welcome. This was my first punk gig in over 30 years, but the atmosphere was so good I reckon I will still be buzzing a month from now

…..Survived the undercover weekender as a Johnny no mates… but met so many decent people and had a cracking time – even had a stint in the mosh pit reliving my teenage youth until my heart couldn’t take any more. Roll on next year.

Just want add to this post now I’m home and sober – I was a bit apprehensive about turning up to an unknown event without any backup, but what an event it was, the whole Undercover community where so friendly and chilled out they made a scooter rally look like a seventies football weekend.

Jake Johnson – Had a fantastic time at Undercover. One of the nicest events on the alternative scene that you are ever likely to find.

Lynn Traun – Thank you Mick & Jennifer…, all of the crew…and the fabulous, lovely, genuine, friendly, music loving friends (or soon to be friends) that attended this forth Undercover Festival. Andy Luckett and I went to the first one, and were overwhelmed by how brilliant it was….and each year has expanded on this brilliance. It genuinely is our favourite festival. Fantastic bands, friendly atmosphere, many laughs, loads of hugs, and a myriad of friends..Old and New…in fact Undercover ought to give out free Chapstick as my lips were getting decidedly worn out by all the kisses by the end of the two days!!!

No name – Thank you one and all for making it such a brilliant festival. Everything crossed for Undercover 5.

Ted Ing – great music great location great beer great people…its just f***** great

Tony Raven –  A+ – Great festival with allways top notch bands old and new. Allways a very nice family feel to it. Well worth the money, not to be missed in 2017 (trust me!!)

Sonny Tyler – Loved it more of the same nest year please.

Nigel Martin – well done…a great venue and a fantastic atmosphere…

Luca C – We had a great time, security were very helpful and the crowd simply amazing. Thanks!

Amanda Austin – Thanks to everyone involved including the attendees for making Undercover a great place to be.

Cheers for such a great festival, we had a blast, friendly folk, top bands and brilliantly run. Big love to all of you. Big, big thanks to those hardy folk that managed to stay around for our set last thing on saturday and sing, dance, cheer, clap etc. You made our band very, very happy. – Big love from the Fanzines xx

Sean Quinn – Another excellent festival great music and more importantly great people like a great big family only without any annoying uncles

Chris Bristow – so very happy to catch so many great bands this weekend.
We went with a list of 27 we know and always enjoy – as usual Mick and the team were able to expand our horizons . the list has increased by more than 10 … and wow, the food and drink teams did wonders too; a realy well planned selection of outlets that complimented each other and catered so well for all of us hungry tryes. Finally a huge thank you to all those bands that took the trouble to attend, play and party with us – Undercover Family we love you all

Lucy Mlynar – What an amazing festie, can’t wait for the Winter Warmer & Undercover 5

Rage DC –  Would just like to thank Mick and all the Undercover crew who were as friendly and helpful as ever , we’ve played three now it’s always a pleasure with great people loads of friends and a fantastic response and support from everyone .RAGE DC thank you all cause again as the man once said without people you are nothing CHEERS

Marcus Jefferies – Just like to say a big thanks to Mick and all the undercover crew for yet another great festival, and thanks to all my buddies, and of course our loyal Missionaries for the support, good vibes and friendship that Church of Eon received…….Thank you all.

Theo Shend – A big thank you to Undercover Festival from The Cravats and especially to Mick for having us on. A special thank you to the soundman on Stage II (sorry, forgotten your name sir) who made us sound very good and very loud. Some great bands on and a pleasure to be a part of it. Cheers x

Debbie North – This has been a pretty shitty year for me BUT there was no way I was going to miss undercover! It was a very different experience for me having to be seated the entire time instead of being in the thick of the action and having to return to the hotel at 11 due to pain and exhaustion instead of being the last man standing but hey ho I was just extremely grateful to be able to be there at all! I’m not going to launch into an Oscars speech but really have to say a huge thank you to the staff at undercover who went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety throughout to the fantastically wonderful undercover punk family who gave me lots of hugs and kisses – I can’t begin to explain how much the love I felt meant to me after being housebound and away from you all for so long – I’m still on a high (and not just from the morphine lol) and last but by no means least a huge thank you to Mick Moriarty for putting on the best friendliest festival out there

Melanie Easter – I was astonished at the ceaseless amount of work you … put in to ensure not only does everything run smoothly but more importantly that it is safe for all involved. This was my third Undercover and I have never seen or heard anything to suggest that all involved are anything but honest, friendly and professional. Undercover festival every year has been the best, safest and friendliest event I’ve attended.

Pete Trousers – thank you once again for putting on such a brilliant festival this year! Thanks also to all the crew, the awesome bands, the bar staff, and to everyone who came and had such a fantastic time! I’m honoured to call you (and many other folks who came) a friend! You have my continued support and loyalty. Cheers!

Terry Chapman – 5 things, 1 you 2 great music 3 beer 4 great venue 5 posh toilets. thanks mick, chins up and head forward mate x

Sam Jones – I like the variety of music as something for everyone and a diverse audience.
I like the platform for young bands so keep things fresh and have an audience of mixed ages.
Like the family atmosphere and friendliness.
Good choice of food for veggies.
Like the fact crew are not heavy handed and leave us pretty much to police ourselves.

Karl Raw – The wide scope of bands… Friendly atmosphere…. Smiling faces…. New music…. Old music…… so many great sets – Friendly, fun, relaxed festival. Good bands year on year and good value for money.

Lynn Stenning – I loved the diversity of the bands this year, We camped with our van, and had met a whole new load of people by the end of the festival, so friendliness, liked the venue, band organisation, and merchandise. Some bargains to be had!

Dimlo – 1: FRIENDLINESS 2: QUALITY MUSIC 3: CRACKING VENUE 4: FAMILY SPIRIT 5: LOYAL WORLD CLASS PUNTERS. We are like a big fuzzy family of misfits, rejects and rebels all different, all the same ! One Love

Paula Frost – Been going every year since the first one in Bisley! Great memories, lovely people, excellent music!!

Paul Hawkesford-Barnes – Friendiness of everyone
Safety. I took my 2 daughters camped and always fealt they were 100% safe.
Music. Wide variety and ethnicity of music
Close. All facilities and stages were close
Merchandise. Plenty of choice
Value. Best value for money festival i have ever been to

Mo Locatelli – The friendliness of everyone, fantastic music, great atmosphere, what more could one ask for ……..thank you Mick and everyone else involved for making it such a great weekend

Catherine Still – The diversity of the bands and punters. Feeling safe. Party atmosphere! Being Undercover!!! Friendly crowd. Xxx

Martin Vranch – Fantastic, friendly festival, always great bands and great people. Looking forward to my fourth visit

Kevin ‘HellRazor’ Whaley – I’ve enjoyed undercover for the last 3 years, authentic punk, amazing people who treat you with love and respect, no discrimination no judgements, you can be yourself. It’s like a family, very friendly and welcoming. always see the same faces and some new, very laid back and the music is always spot on. What I liked the most about this year, it was like A day at the races, great venue, diversity of bands, well organised most of all plenty of room to dance. Love it. Hopefully many more to come, some amazing memories

Mark Kite – 2016 Undercover was brilliant and all the bands were awesome on the whole. Will definitely be going to Margate 2017

Dave Booker – I’ve been to all undercover festival’s and loved every one.
1. Atmosphere is great. Always a friendly vibe
2. Well run. Bands and everything runs to schedule so you know where to head for your next band
3. Variety. Great mix of styles and good selection of old and new bands
4. Excellent veggie food choices!
5. Everyone mixes, chats, has a laugh and enjoys themselves (with one notable exception this year, tut tut!)!

Sue Bradley – Everyone friendly, can get near the front to have a look quite easily and without being pushed around, plenty of space, nice view of the downs out the back! Need chairs for those who find it difficult to stand for prolonged periods of time and a quiet area for those unused to loud volume!

Dave ‘Retro’ Shepherd – 1.The Comradeship of everyone of all ages, 2..The Bands …3. The Fact that it is actually “Undercover”!..4. Easy access to stages and parking etc and finally 5. A foot long Hot dog/ sausage roll (just the job for Starvin Marvin!)! ..T’was me first timer @ Undercover even with a 300 mile round trip I’ll see ya down the front next year!! …Great job Guys Big Respect x

Lynda Copson – Everyone pulling together (eg bands being stage hands, fans manning bands’ merch stands). The diversity of music. Lots of food choices. Friendly staff (security, bar, food stands). And best of all – great friends spending a weekend together in a safe, happy, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

Pete Gilman – The people. The bands. Making new friends and seeing old ones. The location. Being involved.
I went past the racecourse earlier this evening and wished it was last Friday again. Absolutely f. In brilliant. Although next year we need some real ales please.

Siobhan Cronin – The mixture of bands, great friends and a friendly atmosphere, good venues, not too large an event and crew always seem nice

Kate Daley – Excellent music choice Excellent organisation Multiple choice Community Safety Music Music Music

Evelyn Crabb – (Lead Shot Hazard)  The organisation was wonderful – when we got there is was easy to find people to ask and the people knew the deal, The atmosphere was amazing and the audience were great – the timing of the bands worked well too so we had a good crowd.

Previous years comments
(From those that were actually there)

John Duff – I’ve gone to Glasto, V Fest, Isle Of Wight, Guilfest, Benicassim, and Big Day Out in Sydney, fir friendliness, great atmosphere and all round top value, with a great eclectic mix of acts and punters there is no better – FACT!!

Menace – The Friendliest Festival Of The Year

Nic – Chelsea – Without a doubt the friendliest and most atmospheric festival I have ever played at

Lynn – I Love, love, love Undercover, the people, the music and the fact that with only 2 stages not too far away from each other you can easily get to see all of the bands you, want to. We go to Rebellion too, but Undercover is definitely our favourite.

Dagenham Dave – If you dont like smiling and meeting new friends, Undercovers probably not for you.

Teresa L – The great thing about undercover is its big enough to matter and small enough to care

Alan Cattermoul – Best festival of the year, without a doubt!

Joe James – Had a great time at Undercover great bands, good mix of punk, ska. Met up with lots of old friends and make lots of new ones.

Ian Watts – ” So good I fucked my legs skanking, hope to be repaired for more dancing at Undercover III ”

Tony Smith – A very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a perfect end to a great summer of football punk rock and cider,can’t wait till next one.

Jim R – great value, friendly atmosphere, well run event with awesome line-up

Pete Course – Well organised and friendly, great line up, professionally done.

Kaz Reeve – Brilliant festival..top line up..lovely friendly people..can’t wait to do it all again :0)

Jon Lamb – A superb weekend with some great people and some awesome bands! I’ve loved the last two years and can’t wait for the next one !

Dave Booker – Excellent festival. Now even bigger and better than before. Good mix of styles and a great atmosphere. Very well run and brilliant bands..

Mark Kockelbergh (flew in from New Zealand) – I would like to thank Mick and the team for a fantastic festival I had a cracking time and have some great memories to take back to NZ. Had a fantastic time, made to feel welcome by everyone, would love to come back.

Ferret – Cider, great music, friends new and old, more cider, skanking, hangover, sausage sandwich & cider for breakfast. Repeat.

Alistair Pulling – “Skank to the sound of gunfire”

Ian Woking – The best festival of the year, my favourite of the last 35 years.

Debbie North – Already have tickets – worth it for the weekend craic with great people – the bands just a bonus lol

Derek B – Nice one. Wack the prices up. It’s worth more than you charge

Mark B – Great Undercover was great! We’ll be back to trade next year… We had a great time and met new friends which counts for a lot

Peter Gilmore – On the other hand, a hoof in prices wouldn’t put me off….I think for what you put on its the best value festival going.

Mark Garety – This is building. Next year to be even better & so on. Was very impressed this year. Professional & very well organised. Even the stage timings had been thought out. No missing whole sets of your fave bands.

Andy Davis – At guilfest this year I spoke to 3 people who had their wallets stolen in the mosh pit ……at undercover fest in the mosh a man drops about £200 out of his pockets people dive down grabbing it up …..then find the guy and give it back to him and his camera …..guess that’s how things roll at UNDERCOVER

Andy – I Love, love, love Undercover, the people, the music and the fact that with only 2 stages not too far away from each other you can easily get to see all of the bands you, want to. We go to Rebellion too, but Undercover is definitely our favourite.

Alan Calver Both years have been superb, well organised and well attended with a brilliant atmosphere

Pete Lacey – It’s what a festival should be, fun, dancing, drinking, making new friends and enjoying some great bands

Pete R Jones – Great vibe Mick and much appreciated by all the bands and fans for what you’ve done. Let’s all work together for next year!!

Paul Baker – Great weekend well done to mick and all involved in putting it on hopefully there will be a undercover 3

Peter Ball What a fantastic weekend thanks to everyone for all the hard work I came to see some off favourite bands and left with some additions it was great seeing young bands playing so well

Jamie Abethell – The South-East’s Premier Festival. Demand the Best, Demand the Undercover Fest’

Roy Alexander – I only need 1 word Mick, “Awesome”

T & The Mugs were over the moon to be asked to play undercover 2014, on arrival we were immediately made to free part of it, but don’t play if you ain’t gonna stay, cos its a blinding weekend!

Gerald Underwood – Fantastic weekend. Brilliant music and friendly people. Top weekend.

Tony Smith – A very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a perfect end to a great summer of football punk rock and cider,can’t wait till next one.