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Undercover back with a bang!!
In March 2020 we thought the eighth Undercover Festival in Woking, Surrey was to be an explosive finale of alternative music including punk, post punk, Ska and much more.

We were wrong; a successful crowdfunder campaign was launched in June 2020 and Undercover 9 is to go ahead once again in a new venue.

Yes small festivals are two a penny “BUT you won’t find anything like Undercover especially in the South East”

The next Undercover Festival will be 9th, 10th and 11th April 2021.

At Suburbs The Holroyd, Aldershot Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8AF
Other Undercover events are planned for the back end of 2020 and in 2021, see “Other Events” for details

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions – we will be updating this on a regular basis so keep checking back. If your question is not answered here, please contact us by email at undercoverfest@btinternet.com


When and Where Is It?

Undercover Festival 9 will take place over 9th, 10th and 11th April 2021

Suburbs The Holroyd,
Aldershot Road,
Surrey, GU2 8AF

This is the date we are aiming for and we expect this to be the date Undercover 9 will be on, however; if the crisis is still on or for practical reasons prohibits this date then we will look to move it to a later date hopefully around Sept or October or even November if we have to, it is just difficult to be 110% with the date due to the crisis.

Is this an outdoor event?

NO – Undercover does what it says on the tin – it’s an indoor event, the Acoustic corner is outside but we are looking to have that covered! So there’s no need to worry about rain (well not while you are in the venue).

What Bands are Playing and When?

Please see the Line-up section of this website.

How Do I Get Tickets?

Please see the Tickets section of this website where you can buy tickets from us online, by post or in person from selected shops.

If there are any tickets available on the door these will be a lot more expensive than on the door; that is if any are left as we anticipate selling out very quickly.

Can I Get A Refund?

Like any other festival or gig we cannot refund unwanted tickets, sorry.

I Have Lost My Ticket, Can I Get A Replacement?

Like any other event, ticket agency or box office, we cannot replace lost tickets so make sure you keep them safe!

What are the Opening / Closing / Re-entry Times?

Friday 9th April: Doors open 5pm. Music ends midnight.
Saturday 10th April: Doors open 1.30pm. Music ends midnight..
Sunday 11th April: Doors open 1.30pm. Music ends 10pm.

You can leave and Re-enter The Festival up to 10pm each day.
Please note ticket exchange closes 10pm sharp.

Getting Wristbands on the day

On arrival you will be directed to Wristband Exchange. If you have ordered an e-ticket you will need ID and either a mobile version or a print out of the ticket.

If you are collecting Crowdfunder reward ticket(s) your ticket(s) will be waiting for you on the door and you can exchange them for wristbands.  There may be more than one ticket to collect but only the name of the person who made the CF pledge will be able to collect the reward tickets.

Please note that ticket exchange closes 10pm each day. We do this for every Undercover event this way it discourages pi**heads and all that entails.

Somewhere to stay during Undercover

See this page.

What About Children/Young People?

Undercover Festival 9 will be held at an 18+ venue.

Will There Be Facilities For Disabled Persons?

Details to be published soon.

What Food and Drink Will Be Available?

Bars will be managed by the site owners; a range of hot and cold food is available near to the venue.

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol?

You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol onto the venue under any circumstances.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Soft Drinks?

Sorry you will not be able to bring your own food and soft drinks to the festival, but these will be provided on site.

Health and Safety

All ticket holders are advised to read this section with regards to First Aid, Responsible DrinkingProtect your hearing and Emergencies.

Click here for more information

What About Illegal Drugs?

Undercover Festival is a drug free festival and no illegal drug use, sale or distribution will be tolerated.

If you are found to be using, selling or distributing illegal drugs at the festival you will be removed from the site and will most likely be dealt with severely by the police.

There are NO first warnings – if you use drugs you are OUT!

Will Medical Assistance Be Available?

Emergency medical assistance will be available – please contact one of our stewards in the first instance.

What about Smoking?

In accordance with UK law the whole of the venue is a no smoking area, there is a smoking area at the front of the venue.

I Am In A Band – Can We Play At The Festival?

Sorry we are full

I Am A Trader – Can I Have A Stall?

Drop us an email at undercoverfest@btinternet.com.

How Can I Get A Press Pass?

Press Passes will be available in limited number but only for media outlets/individuals who have helped us in some way to raise the profile of the festival.  Please contact us at undercoverfest@btinternet.com for more information.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes for personal use only but please don’t be a pain in the bum with your camera.  We already have an official photographer so thanks for the offer but we are happy with “Our Gerry”. Please contact undercoverfest@btinternet.com if you require press accreditation or are unsure of our photography policy.

Can I have a job?

As an indoor festival we do not have that many jobs going and most of the help we get is with our band of volunteers without which the festival would not take place.  These roles are pretty much full.

However as always we need help spreading the word online and help flyer gigs see Street Teams link for more info.

I Can’t Find the Answer to My Query – Who Do I Contact?

If your question isn’t answered here please email us at undercoverfest@btinternet.com.